Dr. K. M. Modi ( Founder)
M.B.B.S., M.L.C.O.M. (London), M.R.O. (England)

Dr. K. M. Modi is a leading Osteopath and Naturopath. He has trained from the London College of Osteopathy and worked with his father, a pioneer Naturopath Dr. Vithal Das Modi, founder of a leading Naturopathic Centre - Arogya Mandir in Gorakhpur U.P. He combines Osteopathy (the science of manual manipulation of the spine to relieve pressure on the nerves so as to relieve pain) with diet and Hydrotherapy.

He has treated over 50,000 patients in the past 35 years and relieved them from myriad diseases. Through a holistic approach to the patient and disease, pain is relieved, and treatment and cure are effected. He has authored two popular books, “CURE Aches and Pains through Osteopathy” and “Health Farming”.